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Become a more articulate and focused writer. Our creative writing tasks are used to understand why and how we portray ourselves non-verbally and explore ways to produce messages that are simple, strong and clear.


Learn to be a more confident speaker. Our vocal warm-up tactics and breathing exercises enhance the tone, quality and sound of the speaking voice, as well as, suppress the nerves that can often interfere with our ability to just get the words out.


We also offer an exciting group singing element which gently pushes comfort zones and introduces teamwork, team bonding and collaboration in a lively, innovative and entertaining way.

what inspires us?

Inspire Harmony is the brainchild of Lisa Finn Powell, an American/British media and music industry professional. She has worked all over the world as a writer, singer, choral conductor, voice coach, workshop leader and speaker. Lisa brings her passion and expertise to create a unique experience for your team.

how have we inspired our clients?

“Very enjoyable workshop.”

“Thank you so much for your energy and enthusiasm.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being led by your dynamic and enthusiastic directing.”

“Taught me to think differently about the way I see myself.”

“Enjoyed the vocal techniques for presentations.”

“Got an insight into the effect of written styles on audience/correspondent.”

“An approachable, fun and entertaining presenter.”

“The session provided a nice variety to our local planning day.”

“Thank you for being such a great choir leader.”

“Learned how tone, volume and pitch can impact a message.”

“I learned about my key attributes.”

“A fun approach to thinking outside the box.”

“I liked the casualness and the fun aspects.”

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